Survey Preparation

The Surveyor will carry out a detailed internal and external inspection of the boat.

The purchaser and seller can assist the Surveyor and help procure a more complete survey by arranging the best possible access to the boat. If the vessel concerned is difficult to examine internally due to the existence of linings, screwed down sole panels, locked areas,excess gear,etc., then the seller should do all that he can to ensure that the boat is prepared for the Surveyor’s examination as fully as possible.

Inspection of the underbody and underwater fittings is essential and, if afloat, it is recommended that the boat is lifted out prior to the start of the survey. It is normally the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange movement and lift-out with the seller and is carried out at the purchaser’s expense.

Machinery, electrics and electronics are not normally part of the Surveyor’s detailed inspection but, where possible, will be function tested or run up. Where appropriate, an engine test should be carried out by a qualified Marine Engineer. The yacht’s inventory will be checked where present onboard.

The purchaser is advised to discuss with the Surveyor any particular requirements beforehand including any provenance or previous survey information on the boat. This includes the Bills of Sale, VAT paid certificate, inventory and valuation for insurance purposes.