About Nick Stratton

Nick Stratton completed an engineering apprenticeship and then served twelve years in the Royal Air Force where he built several dinghies. He raced both dinghies and offshore yachts winning the RORC offshore championship in the S & S34 “Slipstream”

On leaving the RAF in 1971, Nick began a career in the marine industry when he founded Weatherly Yachts building the Ruffian 23. He and his team built the plugs, moulded hulls and produced over 40 of these fine little cruisers, going on to build the Ruffian 30 and 8.5. The prototype Ruffian 30 was built in cold moulded mahogany and completed in the 1974 ½ ton cup surviving a 360 degree roll of La Rochelle.

In 1975, Nick Stratton Yachts was formed acting as agents for the Ron Holland “Shamrock” designs and the David Thomas designed Intro. Along lasting relationship with David Thomas ensued designs for the Hydro, Bolero, Toledo and Big Bolero were all commissioned by Nick Stratton Yachts – Hydro and Bolero both won the Scottish Series outright – and production of well over 120 yachts followed.

From 1982 onwards, the David Thomas connection lead to Nick becoming agent for the Sigma range of yachts working closely with Marine Projects, Plymouth. Nick has been involved with many other builders including Elan, Sadler, Starlight, Dufour, Gib’Sea and X-Yachts and has brokered the sale of many hundred of yachts dealing with all aspects of supply, warranty, purchase and survey. He has spent a considerable time on factory visits and problem solving on manufacturing faults. This experience when taken together with ownership of over 20 boats from dinghies to offshore yachts and in the excess of 50,000 sea miles sailed offshore means that Nick brings an immense depth and knowledge to his role of surveyor.