Do I Need A Surveyor?

Thinking of buying a boat/yacht in Scotland?

Do I need a survey ? If you are not sure how to proceed:

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Caveat Emptor Buyer Beware :

Your  boat/yacht is probably the most valuable possession you will own next to your home.

The professional, qualified and experienced Yacht Surveyor will assist owners by his ability to examine and report upon the condition of yachts and other craft in a factual and accurate manner.

Condition Surveys:

The most common area in which the Surveyor is asked for an opinion is in the purchase of a yacht subject to survey.

Contract to Price:

The normal procedure when purchasing a yacht is for an offer to be made, subject to survey, and a deposit placed.

Contract With The Surveyor:

The prospective purchaser is responsible for selecting and instructing the Surveyor.

All boatyard and other costs in connection with the survey are in addition to the Surveyor’s fees and expenses are the responsibility of the prospective purchaser.